Video Game Publishers Turn Increasingly to Digital Delivery

In the age of new media arriving at a frightening pace, video game developers have begun to turn increasingly to faster methods of getting their instant gratification based entertainment products into the hands of gamers across the globe. Fittingly, the companies are now looking to make a splash in retail markets that are online as traditional retail markets continue to sink in terms of game sales. Consumers continue to seek out new ways to purchase games over the web through their computers, console gaming systems and mobile phone devices and this has lead to a surge in online sales of game products. This has lead to major shake ups in the video game industry as companies attempt to find a sweet spot from which to market their products and offer consumers the ideal way to purchase games. The closing of development firm Pandemic Studios is indicative of the grisly picture analysts in the market paint of gaming companies – a company that has been forced to shut its doors simply because it relied entirely on traditional disc based gaming distribution and marketing. In today’s world, experts say, gamers want to be able to get games at lightning speed and the industry must respond.

With sales of games in traditional shrink wrap packaging dropping over 10 per cent during 2009, market observers say that the high cost of around $60 has been massively detrimental to the industry and led to a huge downturn in the retail sector. Stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target have traditionally carried a mix of games, but today gamers want more options and faster take home.

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