Scientist Convert T-Shirt to Body Armor

In a story that sounds vaguely like something straight from a sci fi novel, scientists have recently announced a new form of fashionable hi tech clothing that will turn a standard t shirt into a bullet stopping suit of armor. Scientists have been working for years now to create better body armor for both domestic police officers and soldiers on the battle fields of war, but until recently most attempts at light armor have been limited by materials or engineering restraints. This new form of armor makes use of microscopic splicing of the carbon found naturally in cotton fibers with boron, the 3rd hardest metal on the planet. Researchers at the University of South Carolina increased the durability of the fabric several times over and are now able to produce super light weight shirts that are reinforced by boron carbide. This particular combination has already been used the by the United States military to protect tanks.

On top of this break through, other researchers at the USC including Dr. Xiadong Li, a professor of mechanical engineering, have published paper about Advanced Materials. These materials are designed to be very light weight, incredibly strong, totally durable and energy efficient for both humans and vehicles. The hyper elasticity of the nano wires enables them to have the strength similar to spider webs with a comparable level of strength and ability to hold structure. The newly synthesized fibers are a huge improvement over previous boron carbide because they are much lighter and more flexible which fits with the concept of wearable armor much better.

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