Nissan to Offer Consumer Priced Electric Car

With the growing consumer demand for eco friendly green vehicles at the consumer level, auto makers are scrambling to come out with new models that meet consumer needs at price points that will sell vehicles to that market. At both state and federal levels in the United States, incentives are being developed to help citizens switch over to more ecologically sound transportation alternatives, but thus far many of these incentives have not been enough to sway consumers from their traditional styles of vehicle. Experts predict that the Leaf, a new green model electric car from Nissan, may change all of this. As a zero emissions vehicle due out in late 2010, the Leaf will be eligible for massive discounts that see residents in the US state of California paying as little as $20,000 for a new electric vehicle. The hatch back would normally cost nearly $32,800 but the subsidy would lower the cost substantially and thus raise the appeal to consumers who have awaited an affordable car that is 100 per cent electric with no use of petrol based products whatsoever.

Environmental advocates for the green movement are hoping that Nissan’s tech advance will bring new drivers into the electric car fold and a federal tax credit of $7,500 may be able to sweeten the deal, as well. The only other vehicle that compares in terms of tech performance is the Tesla Roadster, a sports car that runs almost $110,000 and is obviously not intended as a classic family vehicle. The Volt from Chevrolet will be unveiled later this year.

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