MacBook Pro Could Be On Way From Apple

Apple is flush with its success of the new iPad mobile tablet computer’s launch and hot on the heals of that debut, industry insiders say there may well be another Apple product that will almost certainly devour the laptop market once again: the MacBook Pro. It appears as if the computer industry giant is in the late development stages of the new computer and has already sent details to popular electronics retail outlet Micro Center. According to sources in the industry, the retailer has gotten part numbers for a total of four different new computers that market observers believe directly correlate with upcoming MacBook Pro computers. This rumor was then confirmed by another source other than Micro Center and that the numbers are 15 and 17, possibly in reference to the diagonal measurement of the screen size, a traditional standard measurement for computers.

Should these rumors prove to be true, the unveiling of the new machines may well happen quite soon which comes as no surprise to most experts who expected that Apple would be releasing a new version of their popular MacBook given the immerse success of the previous generation in 2009. The past few years have been very good to the Cupertino, California computing giant and the company is still flush with cash from the astronomical sales levels of its iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the latest iPad only building upon that built up steam. Should the MacBook Pro prove to be a hit, many in the industry believe that it will finally confirm Apple’s status as a strong and equal competitor to Microsoft.

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